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I recently finished a collaboration project with my good friend Paul Brach (might remember him from FIF). He forged this huge bowie - 17" blade with iron guard, silver ferral, and stag handle for a singer you might know - Zack Brown.
I was honored that he asked me to do the sheath for the knife. Half a cow and half an elk later this is what I came up with.
Rumor has it Zack liked it pretty well.

ps - That's a 100# anvil in the background for perspective.
Brach Bowie C-Rex Shth 1.jpg Brach Bowie C-Rex Shth 2.jpg
Nice work from both of y’all. Look forward to seeing y’all at TR.
Awesome work by both of you!
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Even better photo by Dirk Loots a phenomenal photographer and talented knifemaker, plus a very good friend.
Brach-Rex-Loots Bowie 2.jpg