Come on Saturday!!!!

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My AR is drilling my Muzzy's spot on out to 60 yards and I am headed to Worth county in the morning. Ready for a little sitting and hopefully a lot of shooting. If one gets inside of 30 yards they gonna have to pay!!!!! Unless I miss. :eek: :eek:


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I can beat that DaddyPaul!!!

DaddyPaul said:
My AR is drilling my Muzzy's spot on out to 60 yards

Gee with my AR I can do head shots out to 200yds or so... But its the 15 model... Oh, you mean your Bow... okay, we won't call turn in a poacher...

Good Luck to Daddy Paul and all the other Bowhunters this weekend
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I won't be shooting any deer that far! I just like to practice out to 60 or 70 to make the close up shots a little easier. I only use the longer range pins in bad situations (shot a doe a little back a couple of years ago and she stopped at 52 yards long enough for me to get another arrow in her. She went another 30 and was down).


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DP Slasher is toooo ready for gun season! Lol

DP I also practice out to 60 yds. Can’t afford an AR yet but the PSE will do!
Going to Monroe to do last min. scouting and hang the climber. Can’t wait! Can’t sleep… maybe I should just go ahead and go now… Na the wife would kill me…

DP OH YAH don’t forget to practice at close range… like 8 yds!
Yes that’s experience talking… :eek:

Good Luck ALL!
My LX is pouring them in tight out to 40yds. I just finished packing the truck so I can head out of the office around 3 or 4. Good luck all.



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My old Pse is stickin nice and tight out to about 40 - hopefully i'll get to get one of my shiny new broadheads a little "dirty"