Comfortable Deer Stand

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Summit. Ive got just about everyone made and for me the summit is the most comfy with an extra cushion. I think it depends on your body shape, size etc. In order to get an accurate assessment you'd have to factor weight/height of the person making the the recommendation.
I am 6-3 and 225lbs. I want to sit on a trail that hogs are using at night to shoot them with thermal equipment and want something I can spend a few hours in comfortably.
Did not know they still made them. I remember the guy hanging upside down in them in his ads.


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I'm 6'0 275 and as far as a climber, I hunt all day long in a Summit Goliath in Illinois and am quite comfortable in it. If I wanted a ladder stand it would be a Family Tradition Ladder stand. For a lock on I would recommend a Millennium M360. Tree lounger is a real comfortable stand, but to me it's tough to shoot out of and it's so comfortable it's real easy to fall asleep in one.
I’m intrigued. Please explain pics would be awesome
I prefer to sit facing the tree. It is most comfortable for me. When I climb my seat are already under my butt and it will stay that way most of the hunt. I can still stand and turn around if needed. I no longer bow hunt and I find a lot of advantages hunting with a rifle and facing the tree.

I cut the backs off my seats and add extra padding on the front rail on my Summits for my backrest. For one thing it is quieter (no bark noise when your back is against the tree). One advantage is that I don’t have to move my feet around the seat once I get up (safer IMO). If you extend the seat straps as low as possible you can be more comfortable than sitting in the “face away from the tree” method. I do have a thick GP strap that acts as a makeshift seat if I decide to turn around in the stand (without moving my feet more than a few inches to rotate). the strap lets me sit facing in the traditional away from the tree method. It is quiet and like I said earlier, all my straps are set at the same height so I can turn around while hunting and sit down for a steady shot. The makeshift seat (the GP strap) is not as comfortable as the provided summit seat but it is very safe and quick to go 360 degrees.
I'm 6"2 265 pounds with a large frame and have been hunting out of a summit viper SD for 8 years. Absolutely love it. I can sit all day in it. I know I'm pushing the weight on it but it's held up very vell
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Thank you for all the feed back. Hope you all have a safe season and get that buck of a life time. I have seen more nice young deer (8-10 point) this year than I have in the past on my cameras. Looks like it’s going to be a good one. Maybe we should all leave our refrigerator doors open and see if we can get things cooled down a bit outside. This summer has been a scorcher.