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Completed three over the weekend for your review.

Every Day Carry headed out to a GON member. This one was CPM154 stainless with stabilized Lee County fiddleback figure pecan handles. Sharp and ready to go to work this season.
GON EDC pecan.jpg

I'm receiving more calls for carbon steel instead of stainless. Here is a Canadian skinner made from 8670 carbon steel. 8670 is relatively new in the carbon steel world. Its a German steel used in the saw blade industry and it's proving to be an absolute winner. It heat treats well, takes and great edge and resharpens easily. Orange G10 handle with black liners will make it easy to see when working up that monster buck this fall.

GON, Canadian.jpg

I just love this one. 8670 carbon steel again with a stabilized box elder burl that I got from the Netherlands (took six months to arrive here). The first two knives were made for orders placed a while back. This knife is a spec knife I made and she's up for adoption. Ask Nick (Nicodemous here) what he thinks of carbon steel blades in our woods!

GON new design.jpg

Thanks so much for looking!
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Not only are they pieces of art, they are also working pieces of art. Ol` Hank`s knives are as good or better than anything you`ll find anywhere, and his carbon steel knives are by far my preferred steel. They work. I know, I`ve put them to the test.
Great looking knives. They will serve their owners well.


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Great looking knives. Love carbon steel for blades.