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I need some computer help. A couple of days ago while online, I got a pop-up message from my firewall saying an application was attempting to do somthing to my system. I told it to stop. A few minutes later it happened again. I told it to stop & logged off. I relogged on & had no further problems - I thought.

The next time I logged on, my user name, password, & dialup numbers for BOTH of my ISP accounts had been changed. I was dialing some out-of-country number. I ran a quick McAfee scan & found nothing. I changed back to my normal user names, numbers, etc. and logged on.

When I went my favorites to come visit y'all I found some sites had been added that looked rather interesting. Now, I had never been to those sites (still haven't), but their names were pretty graphic. I deleted them. They haven't shown back up.

I also found 2 short-cuts had been added to my desktop, both of which referenced an application called internet.exe. There were a couple of command options after the reference. I deleted the shortcuts & the application. They haven't shown back up.

BUT, everytime I get ready to get on the internet, my username, dialup number, & access phone number have been modified, even though I keep putting them back like they are supposed to be. I don't see any application running that shouldn't be. I looked at my processes, & I don't see one that looks like it shouldn't be running, but there are so many that I wouldn't recognize them all.

I re-ran McAfee. I ran Trend Micro's housecall service. I'm stumped. Any ideas of what to look for or what to try?

I'm headed to the hunting club for a 10:00 after-hunt members meeting shortly. Thanks for the help?


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Sounds like you got hit by some spyware, which Spybot Search and Destroy and Adaware should be able to find and remove. If not, you can incur some pretty hefty long distance charges. Good luck. -JerryC


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Yes you have a spyware , Spybot is good , Adaware 6.0 is good , But if you want to get rid of the spyware and anything else these two other removers won't catch go get pestpatrol , you may have to order the software online but do it from a secure computer , It is by far the best I've ever had I think you can get there via but if not do a goggle search and go from there ------------ good luck !!
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Thank you JerryC & Dbone!!!

I removed 8 problems. Hope I got 'em all.

All I can say is that there are some sick and/or crooked people in the world to do stuff like that. They can be really glad that I can't get 'em in a corner somewhere...
When will they make spyware illegal? :mad:

It's illegal for someone to take my wallet and dig through should also be illegal for people to add software to my PC and spy.....

I hate pop-ups too... that's why I use Mozilla.

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Y'all didn't tell me you could make them things MAD!!! :mad:

They came back with a vengeance! Now my modem won't even work. I didn't have time to do anything with it, so I'll wrestle with it again tonight when I get home.

I did end up running SpyBot multiple times & came up clean only once. I also ran AdWare a couple of times. Somehow, I keep missing something because the dial-up number keeps going international on me.

Seriously, thanks for the help guys!


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This is what I did to help mine. At your desktop,click on start,Find,Files and Folders,in the file blank type in"Spyware,Adware,Anyware,and Allware".In your where to search I put in C drive and hit enter!I didn't delete any good files or programs because it wouldn't let me.I cleaned out mine!Good luck.


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Boy that can make you mad. I consdier it an invasion of my privacy, just a entering my home unwanted... :banginghe Its a shame we cant catch them and prosecute them :banginghe