Computer help?

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A few days ago my computer asked me if I wanted to set Internet Explorer as my default for viewing pictures. I mistakenly said yes. How do I change this back. I used to resize pics in paint but it won't let me open them into this program anymore. When I select them it opens them in IE. What do I do??????????????
paul..if you are using windows this:

open the windows explorer (not internet explorer)
go to "tools"...then "folder options"..
click on the "File types" tab..
scoll down till you find the extension of the photo files you are using..Probably jpg)..
highlight it and it will tell you the program that it is asigned to open with..there is a button to click on to change that then scroll down till you find Paint..

should do it..
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Thanks for the help maddog. Windows 98 but it still worked. Now when I try to open the pic in paint it says it can't find it and wants me to make sure the path or libraries are open? I did manage to resize one pic and when I tried to "save as" on paint it told me I needed to contact an administrator as I didn't have permission to do this? I can tell you what I have permission to do. I have permission to put a little orange dot on the screen and drive a Muzzy tipped carbon arrow through this *&%&^#$&^*&^*^$%#$&^%*&^(&%*^$&^$&%&^%*&^*&)(*)(&(&%&%#$@%$#^%$*&^(*&)(*_)*_)*(&*^(&%^*(&^(*&%*&^)(&_)(_)(computer! I quit! :banginghe :banginghe :shoot: :type: