Cool way to display bows

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Just wanted to get everyone's opinions on these bow hangers. Made several for buddies for Christmas and just wanted to see if you guys had anything to add to or what I could do to make them better. The big one I made for a guy so he can hang his, his wife's and daughters bow in. Had tons and tons of comments over in archery talk on Facebook but spend most my time on here so wanted to share with you guys!! All feed back is appreciated!!



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Nice work. Looks good


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Looks good! You might try a square ceiling hook. I know I have seen them before that are wrapped in black. Then you could just slide your bow in. No having to hook it up. Also, what kind of light did you put inside that one?
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Yeah I took the caliper hook off and I now use a half circle hook that screws in and looks a lot better. And the small one has a light out of an old desk in it but the big one has two small round led lights that run off batteries
Bow display

Thanks yall! And yall people on archery talk are blowing my phone up lol
Very cool Andrew. You've got some real skill and a great imagination! The lights were a perfect compliment to the display. COOP