I don't care for my yeti too much. On cold weeks ice does good in it but if it's over 70 degrees out the ice doesn't last long. I have a Coleman that does the trick on hot or cold aventures. Insulation seems to be better in my opinion. I actually bought a big brute styrofoam cooler and compared that to the yeti on a hot week and an 10$ styrofoam cooler outperformed the 300$ yeti hands down.
Are you talking about a cooler to put the bear in? Any cooler will work as long as it's not tiny. You can fit a quartered bear in a 60-70 quart cooler with plenty of space for ice, probably a 48 for that matter.

I have Coleman Extreme and roto-molded coolers bot, they keep ice pretty much about the same. The main advantage of a roto-molded Yeti type is that if you're out in the woods with meat in it, it's a lot harder for something to get the lid open on it.
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Yeah, looking for a cooler to put the bear in. I’ve got a yeti 50 and a Coleman extreme 70. Was figuring a cooler for food and one for the bear.


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RTIC coolers has their coolers on sale right now. Just like the Yet I, only a lot less money. I've been using them for 3yrs. As my igloo coolers die they are replaced with the RTIC.
I can usually get two quartered deer easy in a 60 Coleman extreme.


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Coleman, Rubbermaid, or Igloo for me. I’ve got one of the knock off brand roto’s And it was the stupidest money I’ve ever spent.
If you're traveling (flying) and bringing the skull, hide and as much boned out meat as you can home, you'll need at least 120Q cooler. And that's with no ice, just frozen bear. If you leave your hide and skull behind to be taken care of and shipped to you later you can use a smaller cooler. I have two 120Q Colemans with wheels and they work great. I pack all my gear into the cooler along with a big duffle bag. My bow and arrows go in the tube on top. Trip home, gear does in the duffle, bear goes in the cooler and I check two bags.


training for Ironman, I'd keep a cooler cold for months. Once its chilled, its ez to maintain the temp. I found knock off's of the $$$ and heavy brand leader worked fine. I would cycle frozen water bottles instead of ice. I found the best bottles were empty detergent bottles, 2nd best were OJ bottles. These thicker bottles don't crack ez, but downside is sometimes they are odd shaped or overly large. two liter pop bottles work well, just have shorter life span, and maybe too tall for some cooler.

re: bear sized coolers, my fav is a 120 quart that I use for deer. most bear would be same size. my only bear, I just tarp rolled and stuffed bags of ice in the chest cavity overnight.