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I have a problem of too many coons on my farm. I recently became acquainted with a coon hunter who would take any I caught to practice his dogs. He lives about 30 miles distant. I set a trap. This is what I found the next morning. The trap was about 20 feet away from the board I had set it on....empty. What gives ?


You need to tie the trap to a tree. A coon will roll it and figure a way to open it. Also I cannot tell what size trap you have, but if its not large enuff to hold the whole coon, the door will fall on their backs and they will back out of the trap. He will then roll it around getting the bait out. If you leave a coon in a cage trap very long, he will destroy it. They can tear up some very heavy gauge traps.
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Looks like it rolled to me too. You could find you a trapper during trapping season and he/she could probably help with the problem and any other critters you might have.

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Ive got some 'coons around my place that are bigger than your trap....LOL..You need a bigger trap...

For what it's worth, Im not sure where you are from but trapping season is closed in most areas. I also understand that a landowner can trap nuisance animals within proximity of their home. However, you really need to check the rules and regs for this. In SC for instance, any nuisance animal that is caught cannot be sold, relocated etc, must be destroyed...
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