Coosa River White Bass 3-10

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Put in at the Lock and Dam this morning. Water temp was still in the 48-49 degree range this morning. Started out on some of my usual spots downstream of the first bridge downstream of the Lock and Dam. Fished for a couple hours without so much as a sniff. Went on down to the power plant area and same result for another hour or so. Ran further down past the River Road boat ramp by at least 3-4 miles. When we finally found them it was a fun few hours. Not fast and furious, but consistent. Had one creek mouth that produced well, and also we found them on the shallowest sandy bank there is through that stretch, which in the Coosa still has some depth to it. By the time we left around 3:30 the water temp had climbed into the 51-52 degree range. Water is as low as I've fished a Spring run up there in a long long time. Some of my good "usual" spots were more or less out of the water. Two baits produced best today by a long shot, a 1/8 oz lipless ratting crankbait and a 2" pearl Mister Twister Sassy Shad on a red 1/8 oz head. Hope its about to bust loose in the next few days. I think a little more water would go a long way. May be back up on Friday, may go to Franklin, not sure yet......

Fish tacos coming real soon!

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Excellent. I'm going to head up there and try my luck soon, but it looks like the spring rains are a-coming in the week ahead. I'm thinking Tuesday, and bringing the rain suit.


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Fished Saturday 3 miles upstream of Old River Rd boat ramp, hiting creek mouths and banks as we floated back. Action was slow on artificials (8 whites and a few hybrids), but sonar showed tons of fish stacked up at the mouths of creeks. The whites were mostly males, which tend to show up before the bigger females arrive. Water was low and temp was around 57 degrees. Hopefully the rains this week, along with the approaching full moon on 3/28, will kick off the full run. Pray that there's not too much rain and muddy water which will scatter the run, like in years past.