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I certainly don't want to put words in anyone's mouth. I was responding to everyone as a whole in my remarks. Good works being a result of fruit to me is the same as keeping the law as a result of pure intentions. Why we do what we do is important to the Lord. Jesus changed that for us. Before Christ ones intentions behind keeping the law didn't matter. I assume that is the same today in the Jewish faith. I still just wonder if the forum lumped us together so that followers of Christ can minister to the few Jewish people that are on the forum? Or was the intent to create conflict and hard conversations? Are Christians still considered another sect of Judaism? Did a atheist lump us together? Was there intentions behind this or did someone simply not care enough to separate us? Can you imagine if they lumped us in with the Atheist page? That would not fly. One group denied thier own Savior. The other group would die for the Lord Jesus.
I do like that there are "off limits" areas within the Spiritual Forum, otherwise, it would be an absolute mess. IMO, if you don't have thick skin, stay out of the AAA or Spiritual Discuss areas lol

BTW, Christianity was all Jewish in the beginning so, in a way, it is a Jewish sect. :) To the Jew first, and also to the Greek....
The Athiest Subforum was made and put here in 2009.
Before that wasn't there just one religious forum? I think it's divided up enough already.
If one didn't want to submit a topic on the Christianity & Judaism sub-forum, then they could submit it on the Spiritual Discussions & Study forum.

I do remember in the past having more Jewish and Messianic Jews that posted.
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How is your fruit example different than this?
matt 5:17 jesus fulfills Law
matt 5:18 Law is forever lol
matt 5:19 You will be great in heaven if you keep the law
rev 22:14,15 You will be blessed in heaven if you keep the commandments.

Isn't obeying God's commands after salvation the same as "fruit?" Fruit, works, law keeping, keeping God's commands is all the same thing isn't it?

The only problem I see performing fruits or keeping God's commandments would be doing it for the rewards. Yet wouldn't seeking one's on salvation be for the reward of eternal life. Just to ask for salvation is sorta self centered. I mean unless you are doing it for God and not to save your own soul.
My point was just that our salvation is through grace. The problem with the rewards thing is that if we only do the right thing for the later reward. Then we did the right thing for the wrong reason. Our reward is then recieved here on earth right at that moment. The reward is the arrogance or whatever feel good feeling we got for doing the right thing. Rewards in Heaven come from our good fruit. When we do the right things for the right reason. The scriptures say that Christ didn't come to abolish the law. Christ came to live the law perfectly. Christ was the only one that could do that. Christ came to show us that our motives behind keeping the law matter just as much as us actually keeping the law. Our faith in Christ does certainly save us. But I have reached a place in my life where I believe it's Christ blood and Christ power that saves me. I don't know that me simply making a choice to love Jesus will save me. Is it my choice or Christ blood that will save me? Which is more powerful? I have no doubt that the law is to be used against us. God created Satan and he is allowed to exist by God. So I have no doubt that God can be wrathful or create laws that none of us can keep perfectly. The officer arresting me will say the things I do and say will be used AGAINST me. Not used to help me. The point of any laws are to condemn those that do do not keep them. God's laws are a wonderful thing. We couldn't collectively come close to creating 10 perfect laws that encompasses everything. My original point was that keeping the law won't save us any more than my own choice will without Christ blood and His power.