Cost to Paint Nissan Titan

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Any ideas on how much $$ to repaint a 2011 Nissan Titan king cab (white)? 4 or 5 dings, but no major dents.


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i was recently quoted $3500 for an old accord


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I was quoted 2K for a 2007 tacoma ext cab.
Base coat clear coat, Fix 3-5 dents and a fender flair.
Just taped up not removing taillights and bumpers.
4200 to have new grill, headlights, fender flair and new front bumper. Base coat clear coat, adding pearl. 3000 no pearl.
Both no door jams etc. My truck is white and going back to factory white.


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Lotta variables to it besides dents. How good/bad is the current paint condition and how many deep scratches are in it. Is any of the clear or paint peeling? Whites about the cheapest color you can use, but how good of a paint job do you want. $800- $3500 will be close to the range of scuff it a little and spray it or make it look new.

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Thanks for the input folks. My truck has 200k miles. I’ll basically be looking to remove the dings and get basic paint (factory white) to cover that & other paint scrapes. I’ll let y’all know the cost.


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GMC dealership in Jacksonville NC quoted me 6k to paint my old '86 Chevy Silverado. I got it done for a paint kit and $400 dollars at a body shop near where we live. Its not a perfect paint job on the old Chevy for that price but it looks good none the less.