County Property Taxes.

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Georgia has new or updated exemptions for residents, Homestead Exemptions/the Elderly, Disabled Persons Exemptions, Disabled Veterans Exemptions, and more. After fighting with the Cherokee County Tax Commissioner and Tax Assessor Offices for near a month now, I might have my exemptions corrected as a Disabled Veteran exemption. Depends on whether or not I signed the right application and the paperwork not being misplaced this time. I got a five year partial refund because I had filed before some 20 years, but something happened and they only gave the the Disabled Homestead Exemption. They will not go back further than five years and they don't have to do that.
Everyone who owns property in the State of Georgia has a problem they were not aware of at all. It is called the Tax Commissioner and Tax Assessor Offices which was once only the Tax Commissioners Office. I have learned they use scare tactics in one form or the other to make the resident go away when their offices made an error or there was misinformation involved. Now they will also send you Marine Property Tax bills should your Marine Property exceed their assessed Fair Mark Value. If your Marine Property exceeds the $7500.00 cap with their assessed FMV, you will pay taxes on ALL your Marine Property.
Now, the exemptions. Each resident is responsible for checking there on property taxes and exemptions available to them, but everyone MUST check at the Tax Commissioners office at least once a year and appeal each error by 1 April I think it is. All disabled persons can apply for the Homestead and/or Disabled Persons and Disabled Veterans. You will either get the S5 and/or S5 L7 should you apply for it. You must apply in person with all disability letters, affidavits, doctor's letters, orders, DD Form 214, Social Security award letters, VA award letters, and/or other documentation confirming you are 100% disabled at the local tax offices. The elderly over 62 should apply for the Homestead Exemption. The Disabled Persons or Disabled Veterans Exemptions reduces your property taxes by some 40% or more in some cases. County office told me it is our RESPONSIBILITY to check the laws, exemptions, and codes as often as they like because after May 15th this year you cannot appeal, unless they were in error.
Don't be afraid to fight for your rights in a Christian manner, but they tried several scare tactics with me, in my humble opinion. And, it still isn't over. They over assessed two of my three boats by some $5400.00. Like a 14 foot Polar Craft Jon boat with a 50 hp motor, the boat didn't have a motor, was assessed at $6995.00 because I did not put a value on the tax return??? Didn't call, didn't mail, or anything, just assessed the boat and motor(which was NOT on the boat) at that FMV. A 50 hp motor would most likely sink the boat. So, now they want $157.00+ in taxes on the three boats. They didn't even apply the S5 L7 exemption.
Christians do not do such things to their God fearing brethren, but the employees of the tax offices will do anything to get YOUR HARD earned money. God bless and be with you all.
It is not just Georgia, it covers Alabama and most other states as well. They set the appraisal, if you appeal they are the arbiters, you are at their mercy. I think that a huge lawsuit is your only option. You might win and save a few hundred dollars off your taxes and spent thousands on a lawyer.


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i wish someone would explain to me why i owe them any money to begin with.. and what has the value of my stuff got to do w/ anything .. i pay for water , electricity , if i need an ambulance i'll pay out the fanny for that .. i don't need a cop .. i'm the law here.. i had to choke up $3580. big rip-off.. i called to complain and nice lady wanted to know what kind of floors i had .. please


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There are some crooked people in these bureaucracies !!! I had Bartow put a lien on a boat that I bought after Jan 1 and then immediately moved to Hall cty. They even admitted that I was not responsible for the taxes but they were not going to remove the lien until the taxes were paid. I had the boat sold so I went up and paid the $300 just to get them off my back. $23,000 boat so in the big picture 3 hours of time and $300 wasn't worth endangering the deal. I even talked to the Hall cty tax commissioner himself and he said that it was not legal but the courts were the only recourse. Kinda colored how I feel about local bureaucrats ever since !!