Couple confronted a group of about 300 protesters after they breached a gate in their upscale neighborhood.

Don't think that's the firearm I want in that situation.


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What single firearm would help you/protect you from a group of 300 thugs?

If I had to be put in a situation like that, I`d rather have my short barrel Model 12 loaded to the gills with #4 buckshot, or even heavy #6 turkey loads. The last would put out a lot of eyes.
What single firearm would help you/protect you from a group of 300 thugs?
300? Probably nothing but I'll take something that does maximum damage in the least amount of time. Something along the lines of a Saiga 12 with as many drums full of buckshot as I can get. If I'm going to lose my life I want to make it as costly for the other side as possible.


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And this means what to the story"

The couple’s “Midwestern palazzo” home was featured in St. Louis Magazine in August 2018 after they completed a major renovation.

In the piece, they showed off their dome gilt ceiling and curved double staircase of marble leading to the second and third-floor landings.
“The glass in the windows” is from the second-floor reception hall at the 14th century Palazzo Davanzati in Florence, “and the shutters, at least the ironwork, are probably original,” the couple told the magazine.
I think if I was going to go face to face with 300 protestors, I would wear shoes.
I would not face 300 protesters by myself no matter how I was armed, unless of course I had a Vulcan mini gun. Then I wouldn't worry too much. Anybody know where you can get one cheap?
I imagine the first round of bird shot into the crowd would cause a stampede the other way. Several would probably die from being trampled under foot.

I'd want elfiii's mini gun as a back up though. Just in case I'm wrong about the bird shot.
When the "protesters" breached the gate don't they become "rioters"?

The article is not clear, but were the rioters in the homeowner's yard?

poorly written article said:
A protester wearing a T-shirt that read, “Hands up, don’t shoot,” urged participants to relocate into the street in an attempt to diffuse the situation.
If so, I agree with getting them off the property.