Couple recent trips

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Hit up my local reservoir last Thursday evening with my wife and daughter and returned with a buddy Saturday. Biggest on Thursday was 4-11. Biggest Saturday was 4-13. Catching a lot of numbers, not many big ones. Saw quite a few still on bed.
Kept 9 largemouth and 3 spots Saturday, released 7 that were “too big”. 2F1159D6-EC4B-4D69-983E-7AF6ADC8EED6.jpeg 87DED97C-2427-4342-90C0-120765F4C164.jpeg 3EC69AC6-68F5-485E-A2B3-456803854568.jpeg 2DF82B23-A719-4CBB-A231-38CF242CB15E.jpeg DBDB3964-9CCD-4209-A4FF-55D4A089B796.jpeg