Covid prayer request.

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Howard Roark

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My wife, myself and my daughter have Covid. My dad also tested positive so my mom probably has it too.

My Son in law’s mom, dad and paternal grandparents also have Covid.

God is good.


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You got them.
Where u think y’all got it ?
Stay away from folks get medical if needed.


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Was you near John recently? I was at his house last night.

Condolences for the loss of your uncle.
You and yours will be added. God bless and bring y'all to a recovery.


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Prayers sent


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Prayers to your family, Mr. Roark, that it's mild and you all recover quickly.

Core Lokt

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Prayers for you and yours.

Me, my youngest and my wife had it per test results. Only one that was down was the wife for 5 days but we all got over it, if we had it.....

Me and the youngest never had any symptoms at all.
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Howard Roark

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We are all doing well. My 88 yea old parents are doing very well.