Coyote Hunt Thread 2021

1 hunter
Kel-Tec SU16+ATN Thor4 HD
Left Mackeral sent(Dollar Tree-$1)
2 Heard

Very nice(short sleev) night totally dark-walked up on doe laying down(didn't disturb her).
2 heard were perhaps 400 yrds away in forrest traveled away from me yipping now and then.
Thread starter #122
2 Oct 21
1 hunter
AR 15 with thermal
Barrow county pasture horses and cows and hay field
Little to no wind
ICHOTEC call howls feral cat cat vs tote
0 heard
0 seen
0 killed

Started out early right after dark for a couple of quick sets dead night nothing responded at either set
1 hunter
Kel-tec SU16
ATN Thor 4 HD
Dark night /0 wind
Iphone coyote & rabbit app bluetooth to small speaker
1 Heard
0 seen
0 kill

Saw i rabbit so I know they haven't cleaned them out.
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10 October 21
2 hunters
220 swift AR 15 both with thermal
Jackson County pasture with cows, hay field, over grown pasture with dry creek bed
light variable wind quarter moon not to bright
Fox Pro and Ichotec calls, howls feral cat baby cotton tail death cries adult cotton tail
3 groups heard
0 seen
0 killed

Hunted 3 different sets got yotes to respond all three times but they would not come to the call
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17 Oct 21
1 Hunter
220 Swift with thermal
Barrow County Pasture and Hay fields
Bright moon light wind
ICHOTEC call invatation howls death cries and mature cotton tail
3 groups heard
0 seen
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19 Oct 21
1 Hunter
220 Swift with thermal
Barrow County pasture with cows and hay field
bright moon light breeze
Ichotec call Invitation howl and mature cotton tail in distress
0 heard
1 seen
0 killed

Eased into a pasture with cows and found some shadows to set up in. Started with a invitation howl and waited a bit. played mature cotton tail in distress and had one come out of the fence row I had just walked down on my way into the field, he was close no more than 30 yards when I shot him he was flopping around doing the death flop and got up doing his best to hop off on three legs and falling down a time or two. The cows got in the way and didnt allow a real good follow up shot