Crappie thread 2023


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I like that hole in the dock idea!

We got on them this weekend here in north fl. They’re trying to move up. Caught them in 5ft water in pads.

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Orange Lake?

Doing o.k. Down here in N. FL-Been handicapped greatly by the fact that Dad didn’t verify his motor would operate properly after having it serviced!!!facepalm:facepalm::crazy: Says he didn’t purge the fuel lines when he got it back, but was running perfect at the shop. Trust but verify dad, trust but verify!
So trolling motor only-Which limited our ability to get to the hot spots provided by his buddies that were here too.
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Picked these up on clearance at Cabelas in Augusta tonight. All 3 things totalled less then $10..

That line was only $4.69 for 1500 yards.


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Bucket of crappie and an elusive walleye on a crappie jig…fun day with a retired state trooper from NC.


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I don't know why the OP chose the title to this thread. There is nothing crappy about catching or eating specks. LOL


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Fished solo for about 4 hours yesterday. My favorite trolling spot had 3 boats in it when I got there (never seen anyone else trolling for crappie there) so I went in search of other fish. Picked up 1 or 2 in random spots. Never marked a concentration of fish I would want to go back to. Caught 23 crappie, 1 largemouth. Filleted 12. View attachment 1206763
Those are some pretty fish!

trad bow

wooden stick slinging driveler
Very nice fish guys!!


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As some of yall know my dad passed away unexpectedly back in early January. This cabin was built by him, his father, and his brother back on the 60s. He spent so much time there throughout his life. This was "crappie headquarters ". No telling how many we cleaned and cooked there over the years. Since his death I have been working on getting it fixed up to put my fishing clients in and also anyone else that wants to rent it. It sits withing seeing distance of Clarks Hill at Broad River. Multiple boat ramps within 10 minutes (1 is right beside it). Lake Russell is less then 10 minutes away also. Excellent fishing and tons of public hunting land basically surround this area.

I took some of his old mounts and some of mine to make this look like a place any sportsman would like to stay. I think he would be proud of it.

Dish network, wifi, boat storage, and a fire pit as well...