Crate problens

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Son has English pointer, year old, who has developed severe anxiety to a crate, she will whine and literally slobber a gallon. Any tips, she has stayed in crate no problems before. They were leaving her out and she started chewing things so they went back to crate.


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No expert here but here are some ideas:

Limit time in the crate.
Spend time with her at the crate, don't just lock up and leave.
Insure there is nothing "bothering" her in the crate (another dog, cat, child, unexpected loud noises, etc)
Lots of exercise, be sure she has something to chew on. Antlers are the best thing that we have found.
Dog needs more exercise.
There you go. Ive had German Shepherds for a very long time and they're exactly the same. Fetch them and mentally stimulate them. If not they can be a terror and start bad habits. Theyre working dogs
I have a springer spaniel that will go absolutely bonkers in one. I understand the concept but when I saw a Stonnie Dennis on youtube talking about how we as humans accept wolf traits in dogs yet no wolves live in enclosed dens unless they are nursing puppies and cannot travel. It's not natural for a dog to be in an enclosed area like that.

I'm not arguing against the ethics, if it works for people, more power to them....that's 100% their prerogative. Me personally I don't think dogs were meant to be couped up like that and I wouldn't want to be either. But again, I 100% understand that some dogs love their crates after some time.