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I have a Swarovski Z5, 18power. After using my friends 6.5 with the nightforce nxs, I knew my setup was could be far better. What scope are you using?
honestly I am not sure it came on the gun when i bought it all i can tell you it's a bushnell aeog I haven't really paid attention to it I automatically started trying to look into finding a scope for it
I killed this boar hog at about 75 yrds with 129g hornandy ammo...I was afraid that it wouldnt give me good penetration but I shot this hog in the shield and the bullet was perfectly mushroomed under the skin on the other side. I also shot this group with the same ammo at 100 yrds.



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I shot this target at 200yds.
Yellow = Hornady ELDX 140gr hunting rounds
Green=Nosler Match 140gr ...I flinched causing the wild shot
Blue = Hornady Match 140gr