Creek Freak Tuesday w/pics

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I only needed two rods on the deck this morning for these beauties. Most of the damage was done on the drop shot but I did catch a gaggle of 1-2lbers on the spybait. Water temps are 86 on the main lake and basically the same in the creek. Freak.jpg freak1.jpg freak2.jpg freak3.jpg freak4.jpg
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Thanks guys. All of these fish were caught on 6lb test fluorocarbon. For the drop shot I'm using a old BPS MH Tourney Pro with a Pflueger Presidential reel and for the spybait I'm using an Enigma Medium HPT rod with a Shimano Stradic reel. Drag adjustment is very crucial when using 6lb test and these bigger spots make those pile driving runs. Also, IMO using flouro is very crucial when fish Lanier in the summertime with this gin clear water.
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Thanks guys Here's a few more random drop shot pics from the last few days. evening.jpg evening1.jpg after2.jpg after1.jpg