Critters from 2018 2019 season

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2018 2019 season ends today. A new start tomorrow. My season was a good one. 12 hogs, 2 deer, 4 squirrels, 2 rabbits, one coyote, 2 doves and throw in a couple armadillos. Ya'll get there and hunt traditional. It's a fun time to be in the wood with nature and her critters. Most of them eat good too.


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The Chipmunk I didn't want to kill but he was hiding stuff in my air and heat unit beside the house. I did give a sporting chance and used the bow instead of the pellet gun. I even miss him twice the day before but killed on the first shot the next day. Another pig from off my phone. Didn't find it till next morning and forgot my camera. Forgot about a raccoon. My head light was dim and My flash and batteries was low on my camera.


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