CrockFord Pigeon Camping

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It’s been a few years since I’ve been on CrockFord Pigeon. I remember all the camping areas being primitive. I seem to remember that some were easier to get to than others (pulling a camper). Anyone fill me in on the camping there? Thanks
There’s a couple of places to camp they are all primitive and idk how big your camper is but a lot of people like sawmill lake on the top and it’s a little more open
There is a good spot for this, which is very easy to get to. Right at the center of this gps map image, labeled "Estelle Camping", at the gps waypoint marker that looks like a little house. Heading NW on 193, it is on the left side, right along the road. I camped there once, as I was hiking to find the old mines. Big, flat field that would hold tons of camper trailers, and I think lots of people start off there on their horse rides into the trails. It is on the very north end of the area, right off of Hwy 193. Maybe not the part you want to go to, but it is an option.