Crossbow Target

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Trying to decide which target is best. Seems a lot of them work well on field tips but not so much with broadheads. I live in a neighborhood so it has to be able to stop the bolt. What would you suggest on a 410FPS crossbow?
I bought a Rinehart 18-1 to shoot broadheads into(it's not meant for field points!) and it works well. A Swhacker practice head comes out fairly easily. After getting tired of tearing up vanes shooting into a home made rag bag I bought a Yellow Jacket YJ 450 plus. I'm not impressed.
I bought the 450 on another guy’s recommendation and the very first time I shot into it I had two arrows bury up to the front of the vanes. Had to use channel locks to pull one of them. :banginghe I’m gonna modify my hanger I made for my rag bag and hang it up. Maybe that will help.


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That bone collector one at Walmart will stop them all! They are not very expensive but they won’t last very long. Especially with broad heads and an Xbow. I’ve shot mine with Xbow, and it is recommended or rated for them, but if you shoot a lot like me, you’ll tear them up. They are also lightweight so easy to move, but need a weight on top or rest against something. I like mine pretty good. I’ll turn it sideways when it gets worn out…’ll surely work!