Cruising to Alaska

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My wife and I along with my brother and my sis in law flew to Seattle and got on the cruise ship Norwegian Bliss. We sailed to Alaska with ports of call in Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. Then back to Victoria British Columbia and on to Seattle again. We got to see Dawe's Glacier as well. In Juneau we went whale watching but the weather there was nasty and we did not get too many good pics but saw many whales. Here are some of the pics from the trip.

IMG_2285.JPG IMG_2291.JPG IMG_2308.JPG IMG_2321.JPG IMG_2323.JPG IMG_2326.JPG IMG_2328.JPG IMG_2333.JPG IMG_2336.JPG IMG_2340.JPG
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As I get more down loaded and re-sized, I will post more.


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Awesome,saw the same ports,went up into the Yukon while in Skagway.One of my favorite places
Looks like a great time! That's something I've always wanted to do myself.


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Looks like a great trip
Glad you made it back safe and sound. Enjoyed following your travels all through the week. Congratulations on your successful trip!


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Absolutely beautiful! I love Alaska. We went a few years back and have talked about going back soon...Did y’all pull into Seward ?
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Thanks we had a blast.
Did not do Seward

We did not see any timber sports
David, thanks for sharing your fantastic Alaskan trip with all of us. I learned really quickly that having a room complete with a private balcony was fantastic as the views were spectacular, especially when you can look down and there are two whales that are 40-50 feet long just gracefully gliding along beside you.

Your trip has surely brought back some great memories for me as my late girlfriend and I pretty much took the same route on our Royal Caribbean cruise out of Seattle back several years ago. Alaska is the most beautiful, and pretty much un-spoiled area that I have ever seen. We loved it and I would love to go back again. I posted several photos on here about our trip and I still have about 900 photos on an external hard-drive of this trip. The Mendenhall Glacier was dang near mind-blowing and it was really hard to believe the overall size even while looking at them. I also loved the old Locomotive and knowing just why it was built that way too because of the snow and ice. I hope that you saw the "driftwood building" along that same street as it was an awesome accomplishment as it is built totally from pieces of driftwood.

I flew from Augusta to Houston and spent several days with my girlfreind and then we also flew from Houston to Seattle and was able to explore the Seattle area for 3-4 days and enjoy some wonderful sights there before boarding the cruise ship.

Just by reading your story and seeing your photos, you also brought back some great memories of the beautiful Bald Eagles and the huge whales that were every where. My Daughter and Son-in-law, who are both excellent photographers, would love to visit Alaska and I have been thinking about trying to find the time and a way to accomplish that. I advised them recently that they would have to have their passports and I've also got to renew mine asap as well. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed our train trip on the White Pass Railroad and it makes a stop in Canada so the passport is required.

Alaska is 1000 times better than Hawaii without a doubt. My late wife and I went there back many years ago and then my late girlfriend and I went back to Hawaii the year after we visited Alaska. I gave my Daughter and Son-in-law their honeymoon trip to Hawaii the week before my girlfriend and I went. Of course, they loved it but it had changed so much over the years as the "homeless people" have pretty much taken over O'HAU and it is not safe anymore. I will never visit Hawaii again even if it was FREE. Of course, Alaska is a totally different story as my bags would be packed in a "skinny minute".

The memories that you and your wife made on this trip will last forever in your hearts too. :cheers:
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Awesome!!!! We are planning to do the same in a few years. I (not the wife) want to do the Antarctica cruise, with 40 foot waves crossing the Drake Passage. :rockon:
Thanks for taking us along with your pics. Looks like a wonderful trip!