Curse Averted; Lanier Stripers 5/24

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Well I can officially say the Striper curse/skunk is out of my boat.

Went out again this morning, found a school of fish on the south end vs north.

Unbelievable how finicky these fish can be sometimes, I'd watch em come up check baits and go back down, but I tricked two nice fish into biting down lines at 30-35ft I about 60-70 ft of water.

Killed a lot of herring in search of these two fish, but met a lot of nice folks and hope to have made some good contacts for future fishing trips.

Done for now, looking forward to trying again in a few weeks.


Nice catches,,,, glad you beat the curse,,,, the weather is cursing me up here,,,, rain, cold, wind,,,, can't catch a break,,,,


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In before Lampern asks how many hours it took. :bounce:

Nice catches, they can be tough to get on, but it's always rewarding when you finally close the deal with one. :yeah:


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Nice fish. You need to talk to troy boy on here about getting that garming tune in. You should get alot better pics than that. But anyways glad you got the skunk out of the boat.

95g atl

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You were out on 5/24 (Wednesday)....?
We was ROUGH. Wind was blowing. Saw two other boats total. Buford Dam parking lot was ghost town.

Nice catches...!!
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Yep, fished early, it wasn't too bad but then the storms blew in and wind increased, I was back at the dock/beach (not enough water to float dock yet!!) Van Pugh by 11am.

Fished in the rain on Tuesday too, managed 1 fat spot, no stripers.

I got this bigger bay boat just for this reason, to be able to fish more even on less than ideal weather days. I work out of town, so when I'm free to fish, I want to fish.