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Arrow3 and I discussed putting a sticky thread up for all builders of custom calls to post to so we could keep straight who builds what.

So, if you build customs to sell, post in this thread and our buddy Arrow3 will get it pinned to the top for future reference. Don't forget to add your website, if you have one.


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Thanks for postin that for me Mark...the phone Co. had to replace the line from the pole to the house...took them three days to figure out the problem...but they were great to work with and once they figured it out...took them about 10 min to

Alex Williams
Williams Custom Calls
Po Box 743 / 3311 Augusta Hwy
Dearing, Ga. 30808
706 595 4696 Home
706 699 0446 Cell

I make custom pot calls using domestic, exotic and highly figured woods. The surfaces are glass, slate and crystal. All calls are turned one at a time and come with a hand turned "standard" striker. Custom Strikers are avaliable from different exotic and domestic hardwoods. If you have any questions about my calls or how to make calls...feel free to call me on my home phone after 6pm or most anytime during the day on my cell.

Thanks for pinning this for all of us call makers.


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(Updated 2013)
Figured I better jump on here and let everyone know what all I make. My name is Vince Crawford. I go by Parker on the internet. My calls are VECtor Custom Calls.

I started making turkey calls a few years back now, and repeat customers have encouraged me to make other types of calls for them.

I spend most of my time making 8-sided turkey calls, turkey call strikers of all kinds, and deer grunt calls. We've had some CRAZY good luck with the deer calls over the last few years.

In 2011, two of my friends used my turkey calls to become the first husband/wife team to each kill a turkey Grand Slam in the same year.

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Wingbone Calls

Now have a website
If anyone would like a call made from their bird they killed, pm me. Check out my website and let me know what you think..thanks for looking

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I make a Neil Cost style boxcall & I'm starting to make a limited number of long box calls a year. Don't have a web site. Contact me through PM.

BOB Harwell's Turkey Calls
Rut 'n' Strut Game Calls

Award Winning Calls made out of Hand Selected Domestic and Exotic Gun Stock or Exhibition Grade Wood. All Calls are hand made one at a time using only the finest materials available! All Calls come with a 100% Money Back Gurantee.

These Calls have been successfully used to harvest Trophy Gobblers:​

Win Awards in the Hunting Division of Custom Call Making Competitions:

And on Stage in Turkey Calling Contests:​

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