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Guys these are great calls as you can see from my user name i to grew up in the TOWALIGA community in Butts county also ! Brandon is one of my best friends & we grew up together when he started making turkey calls myself & the rest of our friends were very excited & knew they would be great sounding calls before we ever saw the first one , Brondon is very very skilled with his hands & does every thing to prefection & is not satisfide until what he is working on is that way & you can tell it in his calls !!!!!!!!!! So for all of you who havent heard one of these calls there awesome he made me a pot mapel wood slate over glass that has one of the best tones ive ever heard & im hopeing now that its complete that it will turn my luck around this season !!! Sorry so long but we are all very proud of our life long friend & hunting buddys incredible talent & unbelivable sounding calls !!!!!! So there you go old buddy thats what i thank !!!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap:

Couldn't have said it better myself.:clap: I would add that the rectangle pot calls are unique and sound great. Excellent work!


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Howdy......My name is Clent Hughes. I make custom Duck,Canada and Speck calls for the waterfowler and custom Crystal and Glass Pot callers and crow calls for the turkey hunter. I also cut-down old Olt D-2's and Olt Speck by PM.

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Some new calls

I was going to put this in the call makers section but I could'nt get the page to load. Anyhow, tell me what you think, this is a batch of calls i have for sale and I will probley slow down now that the season is over.
camo laminate

purple/black laminate

red/black laminate


zebrawood pair

cherry (dark stain)

charry (natural)


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I got it moved over here for you.
I have been working with a wonderful gentleman named Aaron Wingert out of Missouri. He is fabulous to work with, uses the best grade material, and they are essentially works of art, not just wonderful calls.

In addition to these he has a blog with additional pictures that show his work. I am not joking, for the price of a mass produced item he gives you an amazing peice.

In addition he is currently working on a wondeful line of duck calls.

Shoot him an email and set up a call.

Tell him Jake says hello.

Very nice craftmenship.
Hello ... I am a Callmaker from the Bootheel of Missouri. My name is Jack Lewis, I make Pot calls, Long Boxes, Trumpets and yelpers, Scratchboxes and Tube Calls. Also make a mean Duck Call and Goose Call.
My website is :
Would post pics, but I am still learning the can see some of my calls on under ace250semo or under pappyscalls thnaks.
"STRUT"OVARIUS the most revolutionary call ever developed. no chalk or sanding. sounds better than a real turkey RAIN or SHINE just punch in strut ovarius
I'm trying to find out the name of the guys at the Perry Turkeyrama who were selling Doug Camp calls. One of the guys had a hat with hundres of spurs on it. Anyone know them?
This is only my second season hunting, i killed my first longbeard this morning using my black magic slate call. If any one is interested i would be happy to test some slate calls for them. i would love to know how to make them myself.
Hi, I'm Kurt and I am a Custom Callmaker and make Hand-Turned Pot Calls & strikers under the name Vermont Tom-Taker Calls.

You can order them by shooting me a PM or an e-mail at VtTomTakerCalls

Here's a Picture of one of my latest calls: