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Hand made custom turkey mouth calls stretched to the thousandths on each side thats right each side have some very easy calls for begginers and experienced callers and some for just experienced callers from 2 reed to 3 reed working on 4 reed calls now have press and tape cuter so exact cut and stretch on each one
PHONE NUMBER IS 706-829-5152 Timmy Lampp is the name
Can call anytime if no answer leave name and number and will get back
will ship to any where in the united states i am out of georgia
just contact me from number above can send sound bits threw cell phone message if want to hear before purchase

Little Bit 3 reed

Dirty Claire
2 reed
Have more calls just a few pics there


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Howdy all, I've been on the forums for a few years now & just discovered this. I've built calls since the late 90's they are built to kill turkeys. Here are a few pics. I do 2 sided boxes, 3&1/2" slate & old style wing bones. Check out Patterson Calls on facebook.


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Knock Out Custom Calls

Check us out on Facebook @ Knock Out Custom Calls and Instagram @ kyle knockoutcustomcalls.

We are located in Cochran, Ga. call, text, or come by the shop.
478-230-3414 or 478-230-1717



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Got a buddy, William Mann, that owns Sonrise Game Calls there in Brunswick, GA, (912)242-2042 or Many different types of wood and combinations to choose from as well.

Here are a few of his calls.

Duck calls

Wood duck calls

Owl Hooters

Crow calls

Box calls

Slate or copper pot calls

Double sided slate calls


Mouth calls

And these two WV gobblers didn't even know the calls were from GA.
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Gwaltney Game Calls

Building Trumpets, Box calls, & Scratchers.

Gwaltney Game Calls
2019 NWTF Grand Nationals - 3rd Place Air Operated Call(Trumpet Call)
2019 NWTF S.E. Call Makers Contest - 4th Place Trumpet Calls