CVA Scout pistols


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They sure look nice! I have a CVA Stalker rifle in .35 Whelen, and my brother and son, both have the CVA Scout rifle in .35 Whelen as well. All are capable of shooting MOA groups, when we do our part.

If the pistols are anything like the rifles, I'd say you can't go wrong, if it's something that fits your needs. The platform looks very similar to the rifle. The reliability and accuracy we've seen from CVA seems good.
Have one I bought used in 300 blackout. Havent shot it yet. Is built well and to me heavy in relation to an Encore. Trigger is nice, safety seems a little cheesy to me and am thinking it will break off in the future, wonder why it needs a safety in the first place. Plan to get it out and burn some powder thru it soon.
I have on In 44 magnum no problems with it shoots very accurate a holster that works good is a problem if you know someone that can make one that would be your best bet other than that you could use a sling and go to it


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Odd they put a safety on the pistol. None of the CVA rifles I have has a safety. I have a Stalker, 2 Hunters and 2 Scouts as well as a Wolf.

All of them are capable of submoa with the right loads. I came upon a pistol in 357 mag a couple of years ago, but since I already had 2 357 mag barrels and a 357 max barrel for my Contender, I couldn't justify another one....

For awhile there, the Hunters were stocked at Academy and you could get them for under $200 on sale, but they quit carrying them. I wished I had grabbed one in .223, but I procrastinated too long. Now it seems CVA has discontinued the Hunter for the more expensive Scout model.