Dames Ferry Camping re-opens

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The Monroe County (GA) Reporter (2/14, Glidewell) reports, “After two years, one of the most beautiful sites in Monroe County is now open to the public for camping again.” On February 8, officials from Georgia Power, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Georgia State Parks, and volunteers from Dames Ferry gathered for a ribbon cutting for the Dames Ferry Campground. The campground is now operating as a satellite park of High Falls State Park, after Georgia Power transferred operation to Georgia DNR. Dames Ferry “is the only campground on 3,600-acre Lake Juliette, which provides cooling for Georgia Power’s Plant Scherer.” Georgia Power’s Southwestern Region Vice President Ron Shipman said, “Thank you Georgia DNR for partnering with Georgia Power in re-opening Dames Ferry. We are committed to people enjoying this 3,600-acre lake year round. We hope you thoroughly enjoy the newly-renovated campground.” Georgia State Parks Director Jeff Cown said, “Thank you Georgia Power for giving us another opportunity to help people recreate. We had 150 boat launches from the boat ramp Saturday and have booked over 800 reservations since we opened back up.”