Daughter gets it done !

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Ella G has given the pass to several young bucks this year and she was rewarded yesterday afternoon. After 100’s of trail cam pictures and hour upon hour on stand . The target buck showed up at 30 yds , one shot and a short track job she has her buck . One Proud dad !



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Congrats to the young lady and her patience.

Fine buck for anybody.


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I always say if you keep them in the
woods or on the water, that will keep
them away from undesirables and
out of TROUBLE !!

Congratulations to the young lady on
a fine buck by anyone's standard.

Good job DAD for raising her right !!

PS... What was she shooting?
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Dirtnap we didn’t weigh him but it was quite the chore pulling him out . Big7 she shoots a Savage 7mm-08 . Thank y’all !


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Congrats to Ella on a hoss , don’t get much better than that , I bet she’s telling all the boys at school how it’s done !


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Congrats to Ella on a handsome stud of a buck!