Dave Whitlock, a Star of the Fly-Fishing World, Dies at 88


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Too many of them leaving us lately.


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RIP. Have a Dave Whitlock fly I watched him tie at a Fly-Fishing event, nice gentleman....I "retired" the fly years ago, glad I still have it. A true leader and pioneer in the world of fly fishing...

Robust Redhorse

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If you have been around fly-fishing for a few years, you have had several opportunities to meet living legends.

I've took lessons from Lefty,

talked with/met:

John Gierach
Steve Abel
Bob Clouser
The Beck's
Gary LaFontaine (& Merriman, of course)
Steve Huff
Del Brown
Tom Dorsey (worked with on a project)
Mel Krieger
Steve Rajeff
The Perkins
Bob Poplovic
Gary Borger - who will be at the Atlanta show in February!
Dave Mangum (fished with)
Sandy Moret
Billy Pate
Ted Juracsik

And I am am not a "fanboy" looking for autographs or photos, I just ran across them at shows or on fishing trips.

We are fortunate to be living in a time when some of these pioneers are still with us.
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