Dawgs Season.

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Is this the year we finally put it all together? I don’t know. Dawgs are favored in every game except Clemson, and I think that game may be a push on most parlays but kickoff. First off, few things have to go right for them to get in the CFP. stay healthy and...

1) Beat Clemson and win out, they’re in.
2) Lose to Clemson close, win SECCG and they’re in.
3) Beat Clemson and lose a close SECCG v highly ranked Bama- in the discussion still.
4) Beat Clemson, wIn SECCG, but lose to a ranked flarduh, and should still be in.

#3 might be a stretch, but if UGA performs well enough in the rest of the season, then I think 🤔 voters would still consider them.
#4 is pure hyperbole. I just don’t think flarduh has the horses this year.

Can the Dawgs win the title? Absolutely they have the tools and opportunity. But that is subject to a lot of variables too deep to go into on a single board forum. Coach cliche is apropos in this case, that they have to take it one game at a time. At the end of the day, Lady Luck needs to be the date this season as with any team.
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I disagree with the “do or die” Clemson mantra. Clemson has a 99% probability of winning the ACC; not another challenger really in a relatively weak conference except for maybe the Heels.
They will be a top 4 team in December. If UGA wins the SEC and has only 1 loss to CU, they won’t be left out. A one loss Bama won’t be out, even if that loss is to UGA in Atlanta. And a one loss OSU ( doubtful they’d have a loss) would not be out providing they win their conference. The PAC is too weak to bring anyone.
I think Oklahoma has to be undefeated and win their conference to get in, and then they would move ahead of a non-conference champ Bama. But Oklahoma may be questionable vs Iowa State, Texas and even KState...possibly even Baylor.


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Clemson is the do or die game. If we lose to Clemson we will not be in the hunt.
I actually think the Clemson game has no bearing for the pups as far as playoff chances go. Yes a win would be huge for the pups for multiple reasons but if uga makes the SECCG and wins that game, they are in. Beating or losing the Clemson game has nothing to do with everything else ahead of them which will be why or why they don't make the playoffs.
UGA can lose to Clemson and still be in good shape if they win out. I do not know if this is the year, but they do have a lot of talent. Luck, Injurie's, teamwork, all kinds of variables play a big part of how successful the year will be. Go Dawgs!


Actually I hope the dawgs win it all this year so all these life long dog fans that stopped watching the dawgs for political reasons thinking their sour puss self is accomplishing something will miss out on their life long dream
I think it's the Dawgs to win. Even if you lose to Clemson, you can still run the table and get there. Personally I want Florida to ruin your season, nothing new there. Not sure if UF is ready for that this year. Table is set for the Dawgs this year, no better time for it to all come together.