Dawson forest wma

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I live in Dahlonega and hunt the Chattahoochee NF,but it's buck only outside the wmas all season,even during bow, I was thinking about hunting Dawson forest,but a few years ago a ranger told me that Dawson Forest was 1st in the state for thieves and vandalism of vehicles and campers etc,and I had a guy tell me how him and his buddies had every piece of camping equipment stolen while they were out hunting,anybody else have anything stolen or property vandalized?


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Never heard all that, not surprising though. Haven’t been hunting that area since I killed off the deer herd.
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I can't believe the screwed up way the DNR runs wmas open 4days closed for 2-3 weeks then open again for a few days,and then buck only maybe 1doe day on the last day of 4 day hunt period, every time I tried to scout an area wma gates closed until a couple days before season,deer herd down so low I'm considering not even getting a license this year might go hunt another state,Ga needs to go back to 2 bucks/3does!!!
I’m with you as last year was first time in 40 years I didn’t buy a Georgia hunting license and it ain’t looking good this year. Never should have went away from the 2 bucks/ 3 does in North Georgia. Been arguing about CNF on here for awhile but unless you’re hunting on it you don’t understand.