Day and night fishing on Lanier 3/23

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EZ Spin

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Been a while since I posted but I have been on the water 3-4 times a week and I will try to post more. Got out with fellow angler Brandt today to fish after work from 3 to 11 PM to sample some day and night fishing for mostly spots with a few stripers thrown in. The bite on the docks and around the coves have been decent. A combination of mostly the shaky head/finesse worm with a couple on Brandt's Mini Me spinner bait too before the sun started to set. Most of these fish went around 1.5 to 2.5 pounds with a couple over that for good measure. Our intention was to catch some stripers on SPRO McSticks after dark and if that did not pay off we would switch over to cranking for spots. Turned out we caught a bunch of bass on the McSticks with a few good ones thrown in for good measure. We also caught several stripers with the largest going 12 to 14 pounds but it was a quick release at the net so no picture of that one but we did get a few in the boat. The biggest bass of the trip was right at the end of the trip and I caught a couple on the SPRO Little John DD including a 4 to 5 pound fish which I will say at least tied the nice one Brandt caught earlier on the McStick. If you can see the photo she choked the Little John DD. Just a side note for all those anglers like I used to be that throw dark colors. Check out that "dark" crank bait. Citrus Shad is as far away from dark as it gets and it absolutely wrecks them! Two thoughts on dark colors at night. 1st-Do the bait fish change colors after dark. 2nd-What color can an angler see best in the water after dark? For me the bright color stands out and I can swear from many hours after dark that it catches just as much as the dark blue/black colors I used to swear by. All and all a great blessing with close to 30 fish in a 8 hour day. Brandt is an awesome angler and is welcome in my boat anytime.

Eric Aldrich


That Brandt guy looks familiar. I've seen him somewhere before.

That looks like an awesome trip Eric. Big ole bass! Good info. Thanks.


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Last night was an absolute blast!!!! Gorgeous day, incredible night, good Publix sub chased by a Red Bull, and even a! Watching that striper drag you around the boat was fun to watch.

Thank you for showing me a different side of Lanier, and hope we can do it again soon!


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Let me know when you have an open seat again and I will pay for the Gas.... I ready whenever you are... Thanks for the report..

Lanier Jim

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That's an awesome trip! If y'all were near my dock, I would have brought you two clowns a bbq sammich. Might have a bite out of it...but would have brought it :) LJ

Cletus T.

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Fat Fat bellies on those spots guys…….congrats on the great catches!!!!!

Thanks for sharing it with us!