Dbodkin arrived safely

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Just lettin yall know dbodkin hase made it safely to his family's place in PA

Gonna meet him tomorrow for lunch...hope to have some stories to tell ya about him afterwards :bounce:
Glad to hear he made it ok. Tell him not to forget where Cumming is, even though I would like to sometimes with all this traffic we have around here now. Have a great time with your visit and Merry Christmas. :fine: :yeah:



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I had the pleasure of meeting Dave briefly a while back (much to my joy he bought some junk I had laying around the place! :D).

You will have fun meeting him!
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in that case...maybe I should take some junk with me :whip:


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Should be fun:D -- We've bout got him converted.

He use to say -- "Jeez youse guys!"

Now it's ------- "Well Hush My Mouth!" :p
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That'd be Jeez Youinz Guys........Get it right :bounce:

I'll have to try and bring him back around in one afternoon ;)
It won't work. Once that southern stuff gets implanted it's like Kudzu. You oughta hear me talk. I grew up in Eastern Kentucky, lived in West Alabama for 5 years and Knoxville Tennessee for 3 before moving back to Kentucky. I don't know if I'm supposed to turn my truck over, crank it, start it, kick it our what. ::huh:

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Skipper...I better stay up here where it's safe then :bounce:


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Rich, make sure dave drives carefull! he is known for getting stuck!!! :bounce: :bounce:
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sounds like you have a story that need to be told


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I should let Bodkin tell ya, just ask him, Im sure he will enjoy sharing his adventures! :bounce:


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I'm heading that way in a couple days. Wanna swap some grits for some
eye-talien sausage? How about ring bologna and birch beer? :bounce:


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We meet the Grit Lover

Well... maybe not grits.. But he likes them wings :yeah: We swapped sea stories and yep I even told him about my escapades down in the swamp getting my old ATV stuck.. wheww.... Course Phil having that Polaris doesnt need to worry :D We talked about the upcoming WHH (Woodys Hog Hunt) Hope y'all make it Rich :cool: For y'all back home.. IT'S COLD UP HERE :speechles The Monday on our trip up it was -6 degrees in the mountains of VA. By the time we hit PA it was a balmy 1 degree ;) See y'all soon... I'm getting back where it's warm...



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Be careful getting back down here!

Why were you exiled?!?!?

BTW, I've seen DB do some interesting things on a 4-wheeler as well!

Seems to be a trend???? ::ke: :fine:


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Speaking of Dave and his 4-wheeler... :D

Ya'll should have seen him load that thing up in the back of his truck after the hog hunt in July. It looked like one of those Monster Trucks running up and over the back of another truck crushing it...:D ::ke: ::gone:



COOL BRO.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad to hear it.....

Now, show him some hospitality.......

Ya'll know what that is.......Don't ya???? :p :p :p :p :p
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Great to meet ya bud. Of course it didn't seem like you were too cold :p

Hope to see ya again in feb for the hunt :D