DCHA - Memberships Available $550

Killed my first ever and then my second ever deer at DCHA property at 45 years old. I couldn't take the drive through ATL from the north metro area; telling the woman I would be home in a googlemap 75 minutes, only to have the Hwy Patrol close 85 and me end up at home 3-4 hours later. Couldn't justify that with a few little ones at home. BUT, other than that personal issue with travel and time, I had a pretty great experience with the club. I only met a few other hunters in the club, but they were all great. The land managers were very cool about meeting with me and showing me a piece of land. They new I was brand spanking new to hunting and wanted to get my at the time 9 year old into hunting, so they also gave me some good hunting tips.

All-in-all, I would say this isn't a bad club at all; had a few really good bucks on cam, but I just couldn't connect with those deer. That's probably because I don't know what I am doing. But I was able to take a doe and a small buck with my recurve.

If this club is near you, near where you live, or you don't mind the unpredictable nature of ATL traffic, it's a pretty good bet. One of my buddies/neighbors is still in the club and sees deer regularly.