DEAD DEER EVERYWHERE! JT is Live From The Tree 3 days in IL! Last of 2013-14 series

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Looks like I found 3 or 4 more days to finish this season out with.

I will spend the next few days chasing huge herds of late season Illinois whitetails while looking for a beast and maybe a bunch of does to put on a broad head diet.

But right this minute I'm sitting in a lil bar across the river in Indiana watching the patriots dismantle the colts while enjoying a nice cold adult beverage:)

Everyone hang on and keep em crossed cause I'm gonna do all I can to make this happen and make it entertaining at the same time!

See y'all in the am
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Looking forward to it. Hope these last days of the season are good to you.
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And we're LIVE!

I'm sitting in the same climber on the fence row that I sat during the blizzard a week or so ago. I'm facing south with a light breeze in my face. I have woods to my right and left and field in front and back. Deer were laying all over this field and the one where I drove in. Maybe they will be moving early.

It's 28 with about a 10mph s wind that's supposed to pick up soon.

Already have a couple of does back out in field across from me. I have lots of tags! ! ! !

It's breaking light people...
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Location pic.

Seems like bubba would move his schedule around and get back in the truck. Looks like altho a lil warm, the weather is gonna be great for a few days :clap: also very happy that I do pretty good without alarm clocks cause mine was set for 430pm:D



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Glad you are back live! Was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms .
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I gotta be north of 100 deer now. Course the mas herd has picked a different trail! They are walking straight across the field in front of me and headed into the woodlot to my left.

Only a couple have been in range but at same time I had a shooter 9 and a shooter 10 about 70 yards out!

Can't take much for pics cause they just keep coming but this will give you idea of trail they are on

Funny thing is they are all around my truck which is parked to the sw closer to house and pond IMG_201401128537.jpg
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And now except for a couple of stragglers across the field I'm all alone. Funny thing is that this herd was not any of the deer I pushed coming in.

If you look close you can see house and truck and a bunch of deer in the far distance.

Bass...tag sammages is tough! I know cause I have 7 or so buck tags unfilled this year! IMG_201401121428.jpg
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Well I figured I was prolly thru for a while, but 6 more have come out of the far end of the woodlot to my right and are headed across the field near the truck
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Make that 12 not 6. They turned a lil and are heard into point of trees to the west of pond. That's gotta be some of the deer I busted coming in
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Couple just popped out of finger beside the truck and are feeding around it. I tried to get the horn to blow but was out of key fob range:bounce:
Just keepin track, Good luck Jim. You have seen more deer this morning alone than I have seen all season. Nothing official, but we think one of the diseases common to deer may have got our herd. Have not seen a deer in over 3 weeks(extremely uncommon). No tracks and food is piling up. Be safe bro.
Way to get out there chasing whitetails. Great commentator work, JT. Sure did answer my questions about your setup & approach. Mind blowing how the Midwest deer yard up together in the winter time. I wonder during this time of year when deer see a new vehicle on their turf if they are expecting or just looking for food handouts. I expect it sure is entertaining being surrounded by so many whitetail herds. Best of luck to you filling your tags. Appreciate all the fine reports, maps, & photos.
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Backstraps baby! Shot the last of five and she tan about 60 across the field and is waiting on the truck!

First kill with a new broad head I'm testing called DRT by Dirt Nap Gear. Deadly so far ;)