"dead in hand" or "wiggly snake" feel in your bows?

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I shoot a longbow and also a recurve, often alternating several times in a practice session. No sense having two hunting bows if you're not current on shooting with both of them equally.
Anyway the recurve has a completely "dead in hand" feel and it shoots great and is my preferred bow if I know I'll be hunting on a steep hill at 58" length versus the 68" longbow. But comparing how they shoot, I actually prefer my bows to feel a little "alive" so I enjoy shooting my longbow just a bit more than the recurve. I like just a bit of hand shock because it makes me "feel the shot" a little better. I know it's hard to explain or put into words but I'm sure most of you guys who shoot both types of bows know what I'm talking about.

So, who likes the touch of hand shock versus the "dead in hand" feel of a heavier curved pistol grip recurve?


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I shoot both but I don't alternate between them during and just prior to hunting season. The recurve class in competitions usually have the higher average scores over the longbows but I prefer the longbow. Can't say I like hand shock but I do know I have to be much more disciplined with them and like you said, they are not a dead in the hand bows. My Osage self bow is a different animal all together and I have to control it even more so than my longbows but I love shooting it.