Deer hunting with a 30-30?

Out to 150 yards, I have the utmost respect for the old 30-30.

I've seen first hand just what it will do to a deer and believe me, it will kill as good as any other cartridge, provided you keep shots within its range.

Never under estimate the 30-30 Win. It seems to do well with both, 150 and 170gr bullets. I personally prefer the Marlin 336.

As for the 30-30 Win. , I would much rather have it than a 35 Remington. :shoot:
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Used my win mod 94 for years til I met up with a nearly 300 pound hog that charged me after i shot it. Second round took it down. Switched to a marlin 336 in 35 rem and havent ever had to touch that trigger more than once per animal again. Great deer round in that 30-30 but with lots of big hogs I like that 35 in my hands.


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i've killed more deer w/ mine than any other gun...i prefer the winchester bullets, but i'll use whatever's sittin around at the time


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I Got My Marlin 336 In 30/30 2 Years Ago. The Past 2 Seasons I Have Carried It About 90 To 95 Percent Of The Time. It Is Short, Light And Really The Only Gun I Need.(but By Wife Will Never Hear Me Say That).
I Shoot The Remington 150 Grain Pointed Soft Point Corelokt's. I Messed Up And Shot 2 Deer In The Shoulder With It. Does Alot Of Dammage And Ruined All 4 Shoulders.
I Broke It In Real Good. The First Deer I Shot With It Is The 10pt In My Avatar.
KNOW who it shoots. Ifin your gonna shoot far, know how it shoots at every 25 yard interval. mine is 2 inches high at 25, dead on at 50, 2 inches high at 75, an inch low at 100, and 4 inches low at 125. It doesnt do any kind of steady drop, but the patterns are consistant.


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Win. Model 94

My first deer rifle was a Win. Model 94. Killed several deer with it. Even did a double on a couple of does. I believe I was shooting a 150 gr. corelokt too.
Although I believe there are several better calibers out there, especially for longer distance, I do believe the 30-30 is a very capable gun.
I love the size and styling of the gun too. So much so I bought a Marlin .450 because it reminded of the 'ole days w/ the lever action.


It's all I hunt with. This year was the first time I've even had a deer take a step after the shot. 170 gr. remingtons. I couldn't tell you exactly where it hits at all yardages but from 10-100 yards, it is always in an area the size of a tennis ball right around the bull.

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I have one i used when I was younger. I realy enjoyed it. I used 170 grain power points.
I used to hunt with one, just wished I hadn't sold it. Gonna pick up another one this summer. Plenty of gun for deer as long as you make a good shot,and have some good ammo.


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Hey byrd i use a 30 30 too. Well if im lazy and not totin the bow. But thats the only gun ive ever used on a deer. Come to think of it if you know Reece Brown , graduated with me, thats the only gun he hunts with too. Great gun. Just gotta make sure you got it sighted in at different intervals.

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My first deer rifle was a 30-30 marlin Glenfield. It was a carbine lever action. I hate I ever sold it. I paid $60 for it and sold it for $90.

My son hunts with a 30-30 now. It was his grandfathers deer rifle.

Longest shot with it has been 110 yards. My son shot a big doe at 98 yards this fall.

Here is his deer.


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I have a Thompson/Contender carbine in 30/30. I have killed 2 deer with it. The first was a big 10 pt it took two 170 gr. Winchester power points to put him down. The first shot broke both shoulders at about 90 yds. The second was to the neck and was only about 30 yds. I was not happy with the performance of those bullets they did not expand. Exit was about the same size as the entry. The second deer was a spike. I killed it with a handload using a 150 gr Nosler ballistic tip. That bullet performed flawlessly. The shot was about 30 yds. The bullet entered between the shoulder blades and exited just behind the shoulder on the off side leaving a half dollar sized exit. One shot kill he went down and never even kicked.


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My first 2 deer were taken with a 30-30 winchester model 94.(1980) I liked the 170 grain remington soft point core-locks. It makes a good deer rifle for thick woods hunting. It was passed down to me from my dad. :flag:


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One of the most wicked exit wounds Iv ever seen was on a 5pnt buck I shot in GA with a Marlin 30-30 and a 150gr Rem Core Lock at 10-15 yards - MASSIVE!! Im talking it blew a HOLE in him.
No doubt the 30-30 is good deer medicine and has accounted for millions of deer over the decades!! Its just not a 500 yarder!

One of the fellas I hunt with logged his longest shot with a 30-30 at aprox 320 yards. They were using dep permits and he caught a big fat doe in a bean field. He sighted her in his scope, made an adjustment over her back and fired ... she fell dead as all get out!! Bullet went clean through her. Amazing!

I shot 150 and 170 gr bullets. All Rem factory ammo with no problems. Recovered every deer, all deer had exit wounds. If I had to pick one, Id go with the 150gr. But for me, $0.03 worth of difference for my experience.
That is the only rifle I hunt with. I use the plain ol 150 grain bullet and if they do not drop right there it is only a short trackign job...