Deer Hunting with a Dog in Texas

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To my knowledge, it's illegal to use dogs to hunt deer in Texas. But I was wondering whether any of y'all have ever just hunted with a dog in a stand with you? Just keeping you company?
To me, it would seem that it would be nice having the company of a pooch while you scope out whatever area you're hunting, and if you don't drop a deer in one shot and need to trail it, the dog may help. Does anyone have any experience with this or is it just a silly idea?


It’s illegal to use dogs to hunt deer in most of Georgia too but it’s not illegal to hunt with a dog


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Capt. John L. Taylor, a deceased fishing guide that operated out of Buras, LA had a lab named Odis that went nearly everywhere John went.

One story is Capt. John and Odis were in a shooting house together. Capt. John was dozing off, but woke up to see what Odis was fidgeting about. Odis had seen a deer and his squirming alerted Capt. John to its presence. Capt. John then shot an 8 point buck thanks to Odis.

I was not there, but Capt. John loved to tell that story.