Deer Mystery

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thought the bat was much closer to the camera......

making it seem much bigger than it really is..............probably right, not a Myotis................don't think it's a Lasiurus, though..................worked for 4 years on Plecotus (Big Ears) in WVA .................that's how I found my huntin spots up :cheers: :D :D


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Very Cool Picture! Thanks for sharing.

It is clearly a bat. It is probably one of three species: Big Brown Bat, Eastern Red Bat, or Hoary Bat. I believe it is more than likely either a Big Brown or a Eastern Red, and based on the size and color as determined from the first picture probably a Big Brown. The Eastern Red usually has a distinct color difference between the body and head, which is not evidenced in the first picture. The Big Brown is shiny brown in color with a light-colored underbelly, which is prominently evident in the picture. Thius along with the larger head and body suggests to me that it is a Big Brown Bat. However, I am no bat expert and just one with general knowledge!

Here is a picture:

coon dawg

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NICK the joker........and rpaul as the riddler............who's catwoman???.........GOTTA BE SANDRA!! :cheers: :D :D


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Vampire Bat

Probably picking those Big Blood filled TICKS off that deer. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


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Bats can bend their wings in a downward projection, actually most bats use their wings for terrestrial locomotion. That is definately a picture of a bat. I love it.


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It dont look like no bat to me, where is the 2nd wing, I see 1 wing and the shadow it casts - looks like a liver to me.
Either way, interesting and neat, thanks for sharing.
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After looking at the zoom photo it is clear that it is a squirrel riding a bat. What are the odds of getting that on film? Judging by his size, I would say it is a flying squirrel. Perhaps he is wounded, and the bat is helping him out during rehab?

Before I get blasted with explanations...I am joking.