Deer taking a dip.

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The pic is not to good but the boat was bouncing on the wake. We saw this deer swimming from the S.C. to the Ga. side while we were fishing yesterday. They were generating power and the current was moving fast. She did not seem to have any problem crossing at all. The pic of her coming out of the water is to blurry to see but she was real fat. Since she crossed on to a piece of property i bow hunt maybe i will see her in about 4 months. :clap:


That explains the resent boost in deer sightings. The deer swim to S.C. for deer season and swim back to Ga for the summer. Mystery solved.

By the way cool pic, I never get to see stuff like that.


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It always amazes me what great swimmers they are. What also amazes me is when "uninformed" people refer to deer as "poor defenseless---". They swim like beavers, jump like kangaroos, have a natural camoflauge, hearing like radar and a nose like a bloodhound. Sorry, I'm off topic, the pic just made me do it.


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Cool pic...

seen that alot on Lanier ...


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T H great pic

Thanks for sharing it with us :clap:

We saw this deer swimming from the S.C. to the Ga. side

Glad it was headed in the right direction;)
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I have seen it several times. I watched a spike swim out to an island near red top mtn. state park .He feed around for about an hour and then swam back to the park. (for those of you who don't know the park used to be so over populated that the deer would walk right up to you trying to get food)


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Great picture! Maybe we don't see the amount of deer the DNR claims that there are in this state because they have become migratory. :bounce: :bounce: Or maybe they live underwater! :rofl: :rofl:


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I thought the same thing when I saw the picture. I would like to toss a worm or spinner bait along those roots that overhang in the water.