Deer tallow soap and lotion

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Anyone out there make soap from deer tallow? I'm a newbie, but I've got one batch under my belt that turned out really nice. 70% tallow, 15% coconut oil and 15% jojoba. Gorgeous creamy lather, but would like to get it a little more bubby. Also made a whipped body butter. It takes a hot minute to absorb, but got a ton on my hands in the process and my hands looked 10 years younger the next day. Still, has a bit of a "greasy" feel, Would love to hear any tips and tricks from anyone who's had a lot of success with it.


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I can't say that I have anything useful to add, but I'm curious now about deer tallow soap.
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I’ll try and post some stuff once I play around a little bit more. So far, I’m really impressed with the whipped body butter, just need to tweak it. My husband did the rendering after processing our deer, ground all the scraps and cooked it in a large pot on the stove. We use the meat scraps for dog food and figured we would filter and save the tallow to try some new stuff.
I would love to get some of that. In the winter my skin is so dry it splits and hurts like the dickens. I use zest because it is a greasy soap for store bought.