Defining Rest

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By Rob Coscia

I’ve heard people say they'd rather burn out than fade away, as if working to exhaustion and brokenness is pleasing to God. He certainly doesn't intend for you to wallow in nothingness, but being consumed by performance isn’t his will for you either, and frankly makes you stressful to be around.

That's not how the kingdom works. God's desire for you is to be so at rest in his presence that he’s the constant source of your strength, and that you’d grow in power as you grow in him. Regardless of being introverted or extroverted, those who are secure in God's love and purposes for their lives are often the most joyful, attractive, and exciting kind of people to be around. That's who you’re capable of being, a perfect blend of peace and intentionality, just like Jesus.

God is rest. Nothing stresses or worries him. Nothing you’ve done, or not done, has pushed him out of his love, grace, and kindness toward you. Therefore, his rest for you is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal. You can completely frustrate the enemy just by refusing to give in to the fears of failure, loss, and rejection. Rest is how we occupy the territory God has given to us.
Take a deep breath. Take a couple more. Listen for the Jesus’ voice. Spend a little time in his presence, at least enough to agree with what he says about you, your circumstances, and what’s possible today in his strength.
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Here's a cool part 2 ...​

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How’s your imagination? Is it powerful? Vivid? Or is it wimpy?
Well, try this: Imagine Jesus loving your husband or wife or kids or neighbors. Would He be good at it? Or would He have to act like He loved them? Would He be all marshmallowee, ooowee-gooey, put on, lovey dovey? Or would He have the heart and the truth and the feelings for it? You know the answers.

And here’s the bigger question: Where is Jesus? He’s inside of a lot of people. That was always the plan, right? And that’s what He’s been doing for a long time now—making homes for Himself. We are His personal housing project, and it’s likely that He is inside of you; paid off the mortgage and everything. Think of the work He could do from where He is.

Have a few chats with the One who lives in you. Listen for Him who will never burden you with what He is particularly good at doing for Himself. Ask Him to show you or tell you what He thinks of your spouse, your kids, your neighbors or co-workers, someone across the world, or someone on television. Pay attention. Take your time. Watch what He does in you about them. The Spirit will produce in you what Jesus is like. He’s given you the heart for it, too, because He’s at home there. And that is the very best of life with you and God.

Remember that thing about His yoke being easy, His burden light?

Well, yeah.

1 John 4:16 And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.