Democrats Looking For A Challenger To Omar


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I lived in Burnsville (it's to Minnehopeless as College Park is to Atlanta) for 3 years.
The average person in those areas never believed it "would come to all this". They walked around with their heads in la-la land and thought Al Franken was just a good guy trying his best to do a good job.
They're not very politically smart, collectively speaking, in that state.
Very good analysis, I’ve commuted there for work for many years. I was working at the NWA training center when it was in Eagan. I remember the Somalis showing up and then taking over the taxi industry.

More recently, I maintained an apartment in Mendota Hts as I commuted to work at the airport. The Jewish folks in the community were hard core Dems. They can’t be happy with this rhetoric though. I wonder if the Somali population in Cedar-Riverside is enough to carry the vote regardless of the Jewish opinion.
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It won't happen that quick. The 2020 Census will not be in the books until late in the year at best. I expect there to be court challenges because Minnesota is projected to lose a seat, so re-apportioning her out will be fairly easy. But I think the timing would give her a shot at a third term in 2022. I think she will be voted out in a primary before then because she is a hard line Muslim. She will keep running her mouth to her own detriment.
A good point. Regardless, she's not going to last but on the brighter side she's going to do a lot of damage to the Democrat party in the meantime.