Democrats to vote on bill to make your gun illegal

The House Judiciary Committee is now taking up a bill to criminalize thought crimes - If democrats are not stopped in 2020 George Orwell's nightmare will becone reality!
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The GOP voted against the bills, the Donkeys voted for them

Not surprising

They will get a vote on the House floor, count on it


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It's dead on arrival in the Senate, this is just a circus show for the media and the lefts constituents so they can use it against Republicans in the upcoming election.


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Nadler just said bill would keep a person from "exhibiting dangerous behavior" from getting a gun (paraphrased).

Who determines "dangerous behavior"?
A liberal psychologist?

Real slippery slope here folks.
Then Nadler would be disqualified to own a gun. Of course, he probably doesn't have the strength to hold one up.