Did You Buy A Gun Today

Loaded up my wife and we swung by and picked up my brother and dad and took a short drive to Butler. We went and had lunch at Justin's Place which I highly recommend if your ever up in Butler. After lunch we stopped by Barrow's and visited for a little while. I always enjoy going in there and seeing the family. I picked up my youngest stepson a Christmas present, a Savage Mark 2 FV. 22 long rifle with a 21 inch heavy barrel that I'm going to have my machinist brother cut down to 16 inches more than likely. I bought some 17 ammo and a few boxes of deer rifle ammo to stick back in the safe. Wife wrapped the gun this morning and put it under the tree. He is showing alot of interest in hunting so by gosh we are going to have him a few guns to learn and love on. I get emotional watching the kid so eager to learn about the woods and animals and guns.

There was a big crowd there as was expected and alot of guns and ammo were being bought.
I went to cabelas and picked up a GSG-16 and a few boxes of 525ct 22lr and 2 boxes of 270win.

Sold my Winchester 12ga to my ex-wife's boyfriend and will use that money to get a few 110 round drum mags for the GSG-16.

My ex also went to cabelas to get a Savage Model 42, and she bought up all the 16ga and 410 ammo they had plus a few boxes of 22 (525ct).

May end up selling my SKS to her. When time to leave here, I cant take it with me to the states, so no point keeping it.