Did You Buy A Gun Today


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I’ve got my stimulus check (converted to $$) burning a hole in my wallet.
I’m going to a gun store soon, before they Realize they made a mistake and ask for it back.


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I almost picked up one of those Ruger Wranglers today. I left the range and ran by a gun shop I hadn’t been to in a couple of years to say hi to the owner. They had one for as good as any interweb price. I had to fight the urge for an impulse buy.
What color? You should have bought it.

SC Hunter

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I bought one yesterday. Another .17 heavy barrel from a guy I know that bought it and has never shot it. I gave him $125 for it and now have 3 .17's ?? I walked in the house this morning with it and my wife looked at me and laughed and said I was ridiculous and went and made coffee. ??


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I guess I bought one today. I paid off a layaway on a Steyr rifle. Should be here Tuesday

SC Hunter

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I've really got to stop going to Barrows.... little brother called me yesterday and asked if I was off he was going to Barrow's. Off we go. I had no plans of buying anything other than maybe some ammo. Came home with a keltec cmr30 that is going to be a truck bookbag gun as soon as I get a few more magazines in. We shot it yesterday and with the flip up sights it's easy accurate enough to make people keep their heads down over 100 yards away if things ever get rough around here.


I did not buy a gun today but did when the covid mess started, do feel I committed a cardinal sin, I traded the first gun i ever bought a Springfield 1911 gi high capacity (it had really become a paper weight, no matter what was done to it it would not feed hollow points and was for a long time it was very hard to clips for it) on a glock 30 and a Springfield mod 2 subcompact also 45 acp (havent abandoned 1911s by any means just that particular one) nothing special about either but did throw an iprotec laser light combo on the mod 2
Bought one in early April.....took 'em a couple months to get'r'dun & get'r to my FFL today.

Picked it up while running errands this afternoon. Hoping to get to the range this week and choot'em'up some .45's.

Skipped the night sights on this one. I don't care for the ones they use. I think my eyes will be happier with this front ...and will be most likely swapping the rear out for a solid Heine ledge and keeping the front.

Nice & grippy 20 lpi frontrstrap checkering. My favorite. Same on rear mainspring housing....excellent anchoring in the paw. Opens the door for comfortably smooth-ish side panel options.

No extra charge for all the lube it arrived soaked in, lol. :)